HKD 5000


油塘一房出租,交通便利,拎包即住 找不吸煙,愛乾淨。 屋苑步行8分鐘到地鐵站,有大量巴士及小巴住各區。 鄰近大型商場生活便利。 價錢可小議。

HKD 3500


[已租出] 屯门兆康站岭南大学旁叠茵庭出租小房,限女生·! 走路五分钟就到岭南大学的叠茵庭出租阿拉啦啦啦~ 无中介费~现出租小房 小房3500hkd,现已有两妹子住大房,一妹子住客厅,要再寻一个妹子住小房哦~,租金按月交,押二付一,签约签到明年8月哦~ 如有要求要提前走 可自行找到下家(限女生) 否则不退还押金哦 寻求爱干净,好相处的妹子哦~ 不可带男生回家住哦~ 现已有三个岭南大学妹子分别两个大房,一个客厅,大家在家里时间都不多,大部分时间都在图书馆,所以欢迎工作妹子或岭大学生加入哦 限女生~~ 即日起租哦~先到先得 详情看图片加微信,或者 请自行联系哦 注明租房哦~谢谢么么哒 希望性格好的你,好相处的你快来加入我们吧

HKD 8750

Heng Fa chuen

Cozy appartment in a beautiful PRIVATE residential area Hi there! I am a year 1 HKU student looking for a flat mate to share this cozy apartment with me. It is located in Heng Fa Chuen - a beautiful, safe and peaceful neighborhood with its own mall and mtr station. I have already purchased some basic furniture and installed wifi. Since I'm sharing this flat, I expect you to bring furniture for your own room and the common area but I can get you basic stuff like bed and desk if you really cant bring anything on your own. Looking for a girl that's around my age or in her early 20s, someone friendly, tidy and responsible. Rent will be 8500 or 8950 if you don't have your own furniture(negotiable ). Utilities are not included and will be equally divided. Feel free to message me and even if you aren't certain you wanna rent this room, I would love to show you around this place :) -2 bedroom in total, 1 kitchen,1 bathroom, 1 living room with dining area -Brand new fridge, washing machine - Wifi, ac and water heater installed - Basic furniture in living room - Unfurnished room( but I can get basic stuff if you really cant get ur own furniture) - Rent around 8600/9000(with furniture for your room) - NEGOTIABEL - Relaxing, beautiful view - Peaceful and pretty PRIVATE residential area with its own clubhouse, mall and mtr station - passcode required to enter the building and security guard in the lobby 24/7 - Building VERY close to bus stops or MTR station - STUDENTS welcomed! - available for viewing

HKD 3800


110呎房間出租 步行15分鐘到地鐵站,如果你唔介意夏天熱一點,落雨嘈一點,呢到真的好舒服😀

HKD 2250


誠徵女室友-$2250合租 床位合租(包上網)荀盤 詳細可以在此鏈接 聯絡可以直接yuki_90707297 獨立一房$4450。。床位$2250 誠徵有正職。整潔。沒不良嗜好。女仔分租。 房上下格床。只需交1按1上 單位配備-齊全 上下格床(不包床褥。被鋪) 大衣櫃有2個 ,3尺大鞋櫃 電器:電磁爐,電水煲,大雪櫃,洗衣機,電視,冷氣機3部. 水電。按賬單 按人數平均攤分)按單平分 樓下街市,萬寧,7仔,麵包鋪一應俱全

HKD 6500

Tai Koo Shing Road

Share Flat @ Tai Koo - Fully Furnished Apartment@Tai Koo to share with a couple. - You have your own room(with Wardrobe + Bed + Mattress + Desk + Chair + Fan + A/C). - Great View + Cozy environment. - 5-10 mins walk to MTR station and shopping mall. - 2 mins walk to bus stops and tram stops. - 1 mins walk to supermarket. - Living room, Bathroom & Kitchen are welcomed to share. - Split Water, Electric, & Gas Bill. - Free Wifi 1GB connection. *Rent: HKD 6500/ per month + 1 MONTH DEPOSIT + 1 MONTH PRE-PAYMENT.

HKD 3500


有房出租-佐敦寶靈街地鐵出口附近 唐樓大門有鎖, 共同使用大廳,廁所,請注意個人文明,音量. 利己利人

HKD 5000


有男士住,廚房夜晚6點至12點先可用 廚房長時間有人用,介意者勿看!還有一間房,大約有100尺實用