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budget 6000 work Catering from Hong Kong

應該八-九月先開始 最好就港島區 預算唔多,愛乾淨、唔吸煙、會幫手做家務 收工時間為凌晨夜生活較多 但絕對唔會發酒癲嘈住晒 室友想帶人上屋企唔方便我可以匿喺房或者出街 雖然應該極少 希望室友都唔介意我帶人上嚟(唔係開party) 可以IG搵我🤣IG:civynw_

Aug 1 move-in
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budget 5000 work Medical from

Jun 11 move-in
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budget 15000 work Others from Taiwan

居住溫哥華的台灣人,想到香港短居兩個月左右 沒有不良習慣,喜歡整潔

Jun 5 move-in
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budget 5500 work Medical from Hong Kong


Jun 15 move-in
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budget 10000 work Education from

Jun 9 move-in
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budget 9000 work Student from

Hi my name is Heidi. Im a final year student at HKU and also working an internship. Im clean, tidy and responsible. Most times I'll be working, but I do enjoy a drink and a chat with my flatmates. At the same time, I also respect their space and privacy. Im looking for a room on the island, budget is under 10k.

Aug 28 move-in
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budget 6000 work Fresh graduate from Vietnam

I am an R&D engineer. I enjoy living in a friendly, clean, and quiet environment. I like traveling and exercising. I don't smoke or drink. I am a clean and organized person. My budget is around HKD 6000.

Jul 1 move-in
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budget 5000 work Others from Hong Kong

幾年前英國進修畢業回流,現在MTR公司內工作。我是一個文靜的平面設計師,需要溝通的事我不會藏著,會把事講清楚。 我在家比較整潔,總愛把雜亂的東西收搭好,也會定期清潔廚房和洗手間。我很少帶朋友到家中聚會,但我也喜歡認識新朋友,不介意室友帶朋友上來。我很喜歡聊天,以前在學校宿舍,經常和室友天南地北的,聊得不亦樂乎 :) 希望能找到一個不太多派對的室友。租屋預算大約5千元,理想地點是沙田或觀堂區的兩房一廳住房。

Jun 30 move-in